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A Firecracker Fuschia plant that's been cut down starting to bud pink leaves.

I know it's not technically Spring yet but I feel like it is. Do you ever feel a distinct shift in the seasons? Starting on Saturday I've been craving bright colors, warmer weather, and lighter foods with more vegetables. I feel restless. So, I've decided Spring here.

Spring isn't usually my favorite season. In the past I've always felt sleepy and bothered by allergies. Fall and Winter and more my speed. But in the past year or so that's changed. Maybe it's because I've started gardening. I notice all of the plants that are blooming and putting out buds. Maybe it's because the weather has been cooler during the Winter instead of our normally temperate 65 degrees. Or because of all the rain we've gotten. I feel the stirrings of something internally, like whatever it is is waking up from a long sleep.

If we take our cue from nature this season is when things start to grow. Green shoots appear from the ground or on branches. Some plants flower early and then settle into a display of foliage for the rest of Summer into Autumn. Some take a while to get going, saving their blooms for later in the year. Either way, they begin a new growth cycle after a period of dormancy.

I find this is a great time of year for brain storming. Ideas tend to flow fast and thick. It's tempting to want to put them all into action at once, but that can lead to burnout. So, I've learned to get things down on paper and let them simmer, picking them up one at a time while my energy picks up speed.

As for Spring plans - I've got a trip to London planned next month. I'm hunting for new recipes to try. I'll be going to the farmer's market more often, looking for what produce is in season to drive our menu planning. There will be plenty of time spent in the garden - I'll post an update with specific plans in the next couple of weeks. I've got some craft ideas that I'll be putting into motion. And there are a few things in San Francisco that I've been wanting to do - a visit to SFMOMA, the Japanese Tea Gardens, and the Botanical Gardens.

Do you feel the seasons changing? What's on your list for Spring?

Photo by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

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