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Sometimes we all need a little guidance. Tarot is a means of divination - a way to seek knowledge we have no other means of getting. It's my favorite tool for when I get stuck or have a problem I can't seem to solve. It helps me make sense of things with it's symbols and archetypes. 

I offer one hour readings. The spreads that I use depend on the question or problem, tailored to the need of the querant. I also offer year ahead spreads - 13 cards, one for each month and one for the year - which give you themes to look out for.

If you are interested in booking a reading send me an email -

One hour tarot reading - $200


I LOVE my readings with Sophia! She makes me feel safe, seen and heard. Her intuition and gift of storytelling bring a magic to the readings that always leave me feeling supported by the Universe. And the wisdom and guidance I receive are always what I need. 11/10 would recommend.

-Stephanie W

I highly recommend Sophia as a psychic tarot reader. Her readings provide meaningful information that offer insight and clarity into my current life. She delivers the message with a calm and confident style that allows for reflection. And she provides guidance on how to move forward, very helpful. I will be booking more readings with Sophia in the future.  

-Liz H.

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