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Two people walking through a museum hall with white tile floor and large columns, looking a a performance artist dressed in red and green marbled fabric and white socks, wearing a oddly shaped mask/helmet that completely covers their head, lying on the floor.

I find myself with lots of questions these days and not a lot of answers. I don't think all questions have answers. I also don't think all questions need to be answered. At least not right away. They make us think and stretch. They also almost inevitably lead to more questions.

Some of the things that have come up for me lately.

  • Why are my bulbs taking so long to bloom? Am I just being impatient or is something going wrong? Or am I mistaken about how long they generally take?

  • Who decided that fashion models should be tall and thin? If fashion is a luxury item why not medium height and curvy - like the women painted by Rubens and Titian?

  • Did I make the boundaries that I see in my life or are they determined by outside forces?

  • Can a crystal be a prism?

  • How can you tell if things are actually connected or if they just seem to be?

  • What on earth is going on in the picture above?

It's a fairly random list. Many of them I have no answer for. Well, almost no answers. I sort of have an answer for the last one.

I took the photos here in the Tate Britain in London last May. I nipped in for a few minutes and came across the scene above in the one of the halls. A performance artist was lying on the floor, changing position very slowly. For what reason? I have no idea. But it was great to stand and watch people walk by, some of them not seeing the artist on the floor until they almost tripped over them, and then scratch their head as they tried to work out what was going on.

Here's a better view of the performer.

Close up view of performance artist from above lying on the floor.

Happy Friday!

Photos by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

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