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Afternoon Tea - Tea & Toast

A white ceramic plate sitting on a gray textured place mat, with two pieces of toast - one with fromage blanc cheese spread onto it, and the other with cheese and raspberry jam.

I've been going back to basics recently, finding myself craving toast with my tea. It's a classic pairing and perfect for winter days. There are any number of things you can put on your toast, depending on your mood, but I have two favorites.

The first is cheese, or cheese and jam if I'm craving something sweet. Something creamy like fresh chevre. If you want something savory instead of sweet, and like garlic, try Boursin cheese. I picked up some fromage blanc from the San Francisco Ferry building last weekend and have been using that. It's less flavorful than cream cheese but still creamy and delicious.

The second is the classic pairing of butter and jam. The secret to making this mouth wateringly delicious is to start with really good bread. I like a Whole Wheat Levain from Acme Bread Co or Organic Pain de Levain from Trader Joe's. Something that has some substance and a touch of sourdough taste to it. The butter should be salted. Kerry Gold, also available from Trader Joe's, is delicious. I usually prefer unsalted butter, but this is one place that salted butter really stands out. Finish with your favorite jam. I like strawberry or raspberry.

Easy and quick to make, even at work if you've got access to a toaster and the patience to pack the components, it's a no nonsense snack that always leaves me craving more. Seriously, I've eaten two or three pieces sometimes.

What's your favorite tea snack these days?

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