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Winter at the Beach

View of the beach and tide pools from the entrance of the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve in Moss Beach, California.

Every winter, without fail, I get a craving to go to the beach. It's the only time of year that that happens. Fortunately, since I live in California the beach is accessible pretty much year round. So, last week I made the drive to the coast and spent an afternoon at the beach.

I live within 45 minutes to an hour of several beaches, but this time I was drawn back to a place I haven't been since I was a kid - the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach. This beach is unique because it has tide pools. I have fond memories of scrambling over rocks at low tide and crouching over the shallow pools of water looking for limpets, crabs, and star fish. It was almost exactly as I remember, although I had more qualms about walking all over the seaweed encrusted rocks this time.

Maybe it's the color of the sky in contrast to the water that I find so irresistible. With the sun lower in the sky it's bluer, if that's possible. Or maybe this is the time of year when I feel the greatest pull towards the ocean, while most everything else is hibernating. I find it refreshing and exhilarating. Whatever the reason, it's one of the things I love about living here. That even in January you can spend time at the beach.

Note - If you plan to visit make sure to check the tides, as much of the pools will be underwater if the tide is higher than a foot.

The tide pools at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, people on the rocks looking into the tide pools and the ocean behind.

A small brown and white conch shell hiding in a batch of red seaweed under water in a tide pool at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

A white conch shell and purple seaweed perched on gray rocks at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

A man out on a spit of rock and the ocean beyond at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

A sand colored cliff face with trees on top and a pile of rocks at one end and the beach below at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

Sophia Dunkin-Hubby crouched down and looking at the camera, wearing sunglasses, a textured gray scarf and a black leather jacket, with the beach of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in the background.

Black and white photo of Sophia's shadow, holding a camera, against a bed of rocks.

Photos by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

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