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What I'm Thankful For

Neon Heart in yellow against a pink wall.

With everything that's going on in the world I think gratitude is more important than ever. When everything is so dark, finding light in life gives us a reason to keep going. I have many things that I am grateful for, but in honor of Thanksgiving I want to share one of them here.

I am thankful for love. All the different kinds of it. Love of family. Love of a romantic partner. Love of friends. Love of humankind. Love of the planet. It lights us up. It fills us with warmth. It gives us a purpose. Something larger than and outside of ourselves. Even in the darkest of times, love exists.

It frees us from hate, anger, guilt. It is the most powerful emotion and when we are filled with it it lends us its power. I feel like there should be more to say, but I don't think there is. It's simple. Love makes things better.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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