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Seeking the Extraordinary

A collection of metal Tibetan singing bowls sit on the floor in front of black round cushion. Three large gongs hanging from metal frame stands are set in a U at the back. Mallets of various sizes lie on the floor on either side of the cushion.

What's gone on this week

Last week I talked about the power of the stories we make up to make sense of our lives and how they can affect us. I tried actively changing one of my stories this week to see if that would make a difference and it did. Instead of dreading work and thinking it was a burden that kept me from living a joyful life I told myself that the challenges that came up were just problems to solve, kind of like puzzles, that I could easily manage. It made a huge difference. The usual challenges still came up but they didn't bother me as much.

I also attended a sound bath. I've written about the experience before but if you've never been to one you lie on a mat, close your eyes, and meditate while the leader plays gongs, singing bowls, and/or chimes. The leader who conducts the ones that I went to last night plays all of the above. The vibrations wash over you and help you into a deeper meditative state.

Vibrations are powerful and can trigger all kinds of things if you are in an open and receptive state. I always expect extraordinary things to happen when I go to a sound bath. Sometimes they do, but often my expectations are outsized. They definitely were this time.

I hunger for the extraordinary in most aspects of my life. It is one of the things that drives me. It certainly drives my creativity. But I've found seeking it directly is almost guaranteed to ensure I don't find it. It's not something that can be forced.

Garden Update

Seedlings continue to grow. I worry a little about the Nasturtiums because they look a little leggy, but they seem to be doing ok.

A pot with deep pink Amaranth, tall with yellow green leaves and flowers shaped like fluffy cones, and two Celosia plants, short with lighter pink fluffy cone shaped flowers.

The Foxglove finished blooming so I ripped it out and replaced it with Amaranth under planted with Celosia. I probably put too many of them in one pot, but I can't resist.

My favorite plant right now is my Astilbe. I have two different varieties of these but only one of them does very well. Thinking about ripping the other one out and getting another kind for next year.

What I'm loving

I've been listening to Martha Beck's Finding Your Way In A Wild New World and am LOVING IT. I'm a big Martha Beck fan, but this is really hitting me where I live. It's basically a practical guide to manifestation, but it's also about connecting to something larger. It ties in incredibly well with what I've been experiencing and thinking about lately.

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