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Living Your Dreams

Sophia Dunkin-Hubby wearing sunglasses, holding bunches of grocery store flowers, purple, greenery, and yellow, standing in front of trees and bushes.

Have you ever stopped, taken a look at your life, and realized that the way you are living is a million miles from the way you’d like to live? Or caught yourself thinking “I wish I could do/wear that, but it’s just not who I am”? Most people I know have fantasies of some kind, whether it’s jetting off to an exotic place on a regular basis, or singing on Broadway, or wearing fabulously colorful clothes. But those fantasies are expected to stay where they are – in mind only. Trying to live even a small part of those dreams is too scary, or crazy, to seriously attempt.

I’ve always wanted to bring my dreams to life. I remember being a child and getting so frustrated because I couldn’t bring the things I imagined into being in their entirety. Forget performing a short play for my parents with costume bits. I wanted a full living room full of people, live music, and full costumes, with myself in a starring role. (The fact that I couldn’t just open my mouth and sing like Mary Martin was very disappointing. Although my living room production of Peter Pan was quite successful otherwise.)

I believe dreams are meant to be lived. Even in a small way. That they are a glimpse of what our lives could be, if we can find the courage to try them. I don’t mean that every dream will turn out the way we think, or to be something we love. It may turn out that we don’t care for being on stage or can’t sing. But there’s no way to know if we don’t try.

The best way to start is to do something small. In your dream life, whether you’re singing on Broadway, stomping down a Fashion Week runway, running triathlons, or traveling the world with a back pack and a camera, what does the rest of that life look like? During your day off, at home.

What does your home look like? Is your home filled with art and color? If your home is all beige introduce one or two new elements – a colorful throw pillow or a poster/print of a piece of art that you like. Or is it minimal and uncluttered? If you are drowning in stuff work on decluttering one area of your home. (By decluttering I don’t mean moving stuff from one area to another. I mean actually getting rid of stuff.) If there are fresh flowers everywhere get a vase and buy yourself some flowers from the grocery store.

What are you wearing? If all you wear is black but your dream self wears lots of color add some colorful accessories or makeup to your wardrobe. If all you wear is yoga pants or leggings, but your dream self wears tailored pieces find one tailored piece that you like – a skirt, jacket, or pair of pants – and build from there.

By taking small, peripheral steps towards the life you dream about you can build up the courage to try more major things. And in the meantime, you’ll actually start living the way you imagine. I push myself to do this on a regular basis and it has made a world of difference. It keeps me from feeling stuck and gives me a way out of any ruts that I find myself in.

What life do you dream about living?

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